Postdoctoral Researcher Exit Checklist

  1. Notify your Department Manager or postdoc appointment coordinator of your departure and complete any department-specific exit forms and procedures.
  2. Provide the following information to your Department Manager:
    1. a. Forwarding contact information: Provide a forwarding address and telephone number. The Payroll Department will also mail your W-2 form to your forwarding address.
    2. b. Return of departmental property: You will need to return your departmental property (keys, swipe cards, laptop etc.) to your department admin prior to leaving on your last day. Unless you have specifically been told otherwise, all equipment, books, and research materials issued to you by Princeton remains University property and must be returned.
  3. If you are leaving before your term was scheduled to end, please submit a resignation letter: Submit a resignation letter to your department indicating “my last day of work will be”. Please include the reason you are leaving. If you are leaving for a new position please include the title of your new position and the name of your new employer.
  4. Self Service: Update your address in Self Service.
  5. Final Absence Entry: Enter any final vacation and sick time into Self Service prior to your last day.
  6. Your Princeton Email Account: Please note that your email account will be disabled 30 days following your termination date. Be sure to clean out all of your computer files prior to your departure. If you choose, you may forward your email to a personal email account. Please find more information on this here.
  7. Check Account Status with Libraries: Check with the Princeton University Library to ensure you don’t owe any fines or books.
  8. Healthcare Benefits: Your coverage will end the last day of the month in which termination occurs.  This is automatic and requires no additional action.  You will receive information from the Office of Human Resource’s vendor PayFlex about continuing your health care benefits under the COBRA law. If you have questions prior to your departure, please contact the Human Resources Benefits Staff at 609-258-3302 or [email protected] regarding COBRA benefits. Visit the COBRA site for more information.
  9. Retirement Plans: Upon termination of employment, please call TIAA at 1-800-842-2776 for information regarding your retirement account(s).